Why Companies Use Rockstar to Hire Mechanics

Diverse Set of Gears, Many Colours


The cost of not having enough mechanics or having the wrong mechanics can be thousands of dollars a day. Between work you have to turn away, overtime you have to pay and customers that you lose it all adds up. We can get you Mechanics quickly, a fully staffed shop is a profitable shop.

Access to Hard to Reach Candidates

Mechanics that are on job boards are not usually your best and brightest and that Mechanics Wanted sign hanging in your window is just not cutting it. Sometimes you get lucky but for the most part you are picking from unqualified candidates or mechanics that are available for a reason. The majority of candidates we work with are not actively looking but are open to new opportunities, these are not the same people that are applying on job boards.

Results We Stand Behind

Every hire comes with a 6 month warranty and a 2 week trial period. We can offer this because we are confident in our screening process, we only send you the best. Most employment agencies do not have the confidence to offer more than 3 months.

No Wasted Time

We will not fill your already overcrowded in box with unqualified candidates hoping that one of them might get hired. We are not a volume business we are a quality business, the only candidates we send are ones that we are confident are a match.

No Pressure

Have you ever worked with a Head Hunter who operated like a used car salesman, constantly trying to sell you into hiring their candidate? We will never do that, we are looking for long term fits, if you need to be 'sold' on a candidate then they are probably not the right one. Just tell us why they are not a fit and we will go back to the search to find you a closer match.

Industry Expertise

We are well connected and have our ears to the ground, we can advise you trends, mechanic salaries and will let you know when Rockstars are on the market.

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The Rockstar Recruiting 3 Step Hiring Process

Information Gathering

The process starts with you, the more information you can give us the closer a match we can find for you. We need a wish list of what you are looking for as well as the details of the job (wage range, shifts, benefits etc.) We then take that info and start the search.

The Search

We will get your job posted on a variety of job boards for maximum exposure but if we are being honest job boards rarely get us what we need. The real search involves connecting with our network of mechanics. We call everyone we know in the area, if they aren't available we ask them for referrals and just keep calling until we find the right match.

Present Candidates

We will send you resumes and write ups for the most qualified candidates, if you like what you see we will get them scheduled to interview with you. If the interview goes well then hire them on like any other employee. If they are not a match just let us know and we go back to the search.

Let's Get Started - Hire Mechanics

If you have any questions, need us to get started on a search or if you need more information please give us a call at 1 (833) ROCKSTR (762-5787) or click below to send us a message on the contact form.

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